We understand that simply learning new concepts will not produce meaningful results. Learning is only successful when long-term development occurs. Much of this happens when Leaders return to work and put the knowledge they've acquired from Dynamic Leadership into practice.

To enable your continued development, the resources utilized during Dynamic Leadership are available to download for free below.

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Dynamic Leadership Participant Workbook is but one resource Leaders take with them as your Dynamic Leadership journey continues following your Dynamic Leadership session.
Dynamic Leadership Learning Experience one-on-one tracking

One on One Tracking

Building trust starts with truly knowing your employees. Show them you care by remembering the important things. This template provides a standard way for you to keep track of and retain the information that your employees provide during your one-on-one meetings.

Development Planning

(Data Collection) Template

Go beyond the basics of the weekly checklist and really get to know where your people want to take their careers.

Leaders provide a fail-safe environment in which their talent can thrive and grow

Development Planning

(Action Plan) Template

Change the game on development planning. Turn the process into something mutually beneficial for your employees who want more than just a job but a future and you as a leader who cares enough to make that opportunity happen.

Intake Session Template

Don’t waste valuable time reviewing resumes for unqualified candidates. Holding a structured intake session will ensure alignment between you and HR so that you find the talent you need.

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Ferguson Learning Company phone screen template

Phone Screen Template

A vacancy is critical and every day without someone in that role is a painful one. Spending a little more time upfront screening candidates will ensure that those who come onsite are right for your opportunity.