DiSC Workplace


Everything DiSC Workplace® delivers a comprehensive learning experience to engage every employee - regardless of title, position, department, or function—in building more productive and effective relationships at work. With personalized insights and the implementation of course learning, organizations can expect improved employee engagement, increased collaboration, and improved communication.

Sessions Include:

  • Access to Catalyst™ learning platform
  • Personalized assessment report (via Catalyst™)
  • Led by a Certified DiSC® expert

*Length of training may be adjusted based on the organization needs and general knowledge of participants.

**Minimum number of participants required for live in-person sessions.

*** Live Corporate sessions will incur a Facilitator fee in addition to the per participant cost outlined above.

Participants will:

  • Discover their own DiSC® style
  • Recognize the personal priorities, motivators, and stress triggers that shape their workplace experience
  • Explore other styles
  • Understand the differences and similarities among the DiSC® styles
  • Identify strategies to make more meaningful connections with colleagues of various styles
  • Learn methods of working more effectively to reduce tension, solve problems, and contribute positively to their organizations

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Everything DiSC?

Everything DiSC is a model that provides a common language that people can use to better understand themselves and those around them.

What does DiSC mean?

DiSC is the acronym used to represent the four main personality profiles described in the DiSC model.

D personality styles - tend to be confident and place emphasis on getting results quickly and efficiently.

i personality styles - tend to be more open and highly value relationships and influencing others.

S personality styles - tend to be dependable and value cooperation and sincerity.

C personality styles - are focused on quality, accuracy, and competency.

How can I use the DiSC model?

It starts with taking the Everything DiSC assessment to learn more about your own personality style and how that impacts your relationship with others. With this knowledge you can reduce conflict, improve collaboration, and increase team cohesiveness.

I completed the DiSC assessment years ago. Has anything changed?

Absolutely, the all-new Everything DiSC Catalyst learning platform has been released and it is a remarkable tool. Catalyst provides you the expertise, backed by the assessment, with the technology needed for you to continue your learning journey outside of a training/workshop. It provides relevant information for your own development and innovative tools to help you build and maintain effective working relationships.

Any past Everything DiSC or DiSC Classic learner (English only) can upgrade their profile to Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst for Free through December 31, 2023.

Can I just take the assessment without attending a training?

Yes, but it is highly recommended that you attend at least a 90-minute workshop to ensure that you understand your profile report and how to best use the information to set yourself up for success. As an alternative, you may chose to have a 1:1 review with our Certified DiSC expert to get a personalized profile review and coaching.

How long does a 1:1 profile review take and what is the cost?

A 1:1 profile review and coaching involves a 1-hour session with a DiSC expert. The cost is $150.00

Do I have to take training with others in my organization?

While it is helpful to take the training with your team, it is not required. We understand that many organizations have budget constraints that restrict their ability to offer this training to everyone. We do offer Live In-person and Live Virtual training in pubic workshops that are open to anyone who is interested.

Where can I find the upcoming public workshop dates?

Visit our Events page to see what sessions are currently available. Be sure to save the page as we frequently add new sessions.