About Us

Ferguson Learning Company was founded on principles embodied by its President, Heather Ferguson. Heather’s passion for helping others achieve their own success has been the centerpiece of her career over the years. Whether it was an individual or an entire business, her motivational compass never changed; she simply thought bigger.

Our Mission
We live our mission of “improving lives one leader at a time™” every day without fail.
Our Principles


We believe in people and their ability to learn, grow, and prosper


We color outside the lines, and do it proudly, as conformity will never produce change


We don’t measure success by our bottom line. We are thoughtful and deliberate with our actions to drive maximum meaningful impact to our customers
While our goal is ambitious, the FLC team is dedicated to having meaningful impact on the way companies operate. How? By targeted development of people leaders who, when empowered, can drive substantial change.