Problem Solving Workshop

Execute the Kaizen PSP against team challenges to ensure solutions will have the desired business impact. While there is a standard process for executing a PSP Workshop, it is completely customizable and can tackle any topic. Any function can run a PSP workshop to find better ways of achieving superior business results. Do you need to improve productivity, reallocate resources, or eliminate waste? A PSP workshop can help make sure that your team's energy is focused on the right solutions to help you achieve organization/team goals.

Session Options:

Live trainings (2 days) $1495.00 per person

Sessions Include:

  • Course materials
  • Action Plan Template for post-course use
  • Led by a FLC expert

*Length of training may be adjusted based on the organization needs and general knowledge of participants. Additional daily cost for sessions of 3-5 days.

**Minimum number of participants required for live in-person sessions.

Participants will:

  • Learn how to think critically about challenges facing your team
  • Collaborate with peers on common problem-solving objective
  • Ensure the team is working on the right solutions by evaluating potential actions and the business impact
  • Align on actionable solutions and ownership of related action items

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