Everything DiSC Workplace® Facilitation Kit (English)


Teach your organization to build more effective relationships at work with Everything DiSC Workplace.

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The Everything DiSC Workplace® Facilitation Toolkit includes:

• Leader’s Guide in MS Word (customizable)
• PowerPoint® with embedded video (customizable)
• Stand-alone video (with and without subtitles)
• Participant handouts in MS Word (customizable)
• Sample Everything DiSC Workplace Profile
• Sample Everything DiSC Comparison Report
• Everything DiSC Workplace Style Guides
• Templates and images
• Access to online resources and research

Module 1: Discovering Your DiSC® Style
Participants discover how DiSC styles affect their workplace relationships and explore the priorities that drive them. 90 minutes.

Module 2: Understanding Other Styles
Participants learn what works for them and what challenges them when working with each DiSC style. 90 minutes.

Module 3: Building More Effective Relationships
Participants create strategies and an action plan to overcome challenges when working with people of different DiSC styles. 90 minutes.

Optional Module: People Reading
Participants learn how to identify others’ DiSC styles on behavioral cues.

Optional Module: Comparison Report
Participants learn about the Everything DiSC® Comparison Report and how it can help them improve their relationships with others.

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If I plan to utilize the Catalyst system, do I need to purchase both facilitation kits?
When you purchase the Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation Kit, you will be able to upgrade and obtain Everything DiSC on Catalyst for free. (Offer valid until December 30, 2023)

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