EPIC Credit (1 credit)


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EPIC credits may only be purchased for existing EPIC Administrators who are partnered with Ferguson Learning Company.
If you do not have an EPIC Admin Account, you will need to purchase that product in addition to the credits.

You are buying individual EPIC credits. Select the number of credits needed and add to your cart. For volume discounts you should select one of our EPIC Credit Bundles.

What happens after purchase?
Our Partner Services team will transfer your EPIC credits to your admin account that you can redeem for Everything DiSC profiles when you are ready. The process may take up to 24 hours to complete. You will receive a notification email and login instructions once setup is complete.

What if I already have an EPIC Admin Account but just want to purchase credits through Ferguson Learning Company?
Unfortunately, we are unable to view or make transfers to Admin Accounts that were not created by us. You will need to contact your current Authorized Partner to purchase additional credits.

How many credits do I need?

Everything DiSC
Profile/Reports (English) Credits Needed per profile
Workplace 15
Agile EQ 25
Productive Conflict 20
Management 25
Work of Leaders 25
Sales 25
Group Reports 25
Comparison Reports FREE

Everything DiSC on Catalyst
All learners must begin with a Workplace profile. Agile EQ & Management can be offered along with Workplace or at a later date.
Profile/Reports (English) Credits Needed per profile
Workplace 15
Agile EQ 10
Management 10

Five Behaviors
Profile/Reports (English) Credits Needed per profile
Personal Development 25
Team Development 35
Progress Report FREE (original team only)